The UMi Philosophy

We offer psychology inspired career guidance to young people seeking career direction through three specifically designed UMi phases:


In your own individualised report, you will discover about yourself by engaging in an online psychometric assessment to identify influential aspects of your personality. For this, UMi utilises a globally-renown gold standard psychometric product to gain maximum personality data on the 'Big 5' dimensions of your personality.



Building on your self-discovery, we will coach and develop you on essential career topics including employability skills, career exploration behaviours, and career decidedness.



Finally, we will apply everything that you have gained through your interactions with us to a personalised career map, in order to prepare you for taking your next career steps.


To ensure that you gain the maximum benefits from UMi, the three phases will be adapted based on the age and level of experience. Your UMi interactions will be conducted online, so no matter where in the World you are, we can help.

Next Steps...

Please contact us to speak to a member of the UMi team about the career guidance that we could potentially offer to you.