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Welcome to UMi Psychology! We’re passionate about career psychology and providing help and guidance to young people looking to progress their own individual careers. We bring experience from different educational, social and welfare fields, as well as our training in Occupational Psychology and Psychometric Assessments.

We believe that by finding out more about yourself you can develop an understanding of where you want to go in life. Research shows that young people aged 17 onwards need this insight in order to make those key career decisions. After all, this is a critical time in anyone’s career when deciding what job they want to do in life. This is why we also believe that it is important to think of a career as a journey which can take us in different directions throughout our lives. We must become adaptable and innovative and know how to make the most of the opportunities that present themselves.

What can often hold a young person back in making the right decision is a lack of confidence and a lack of information about the potential choices available. Taking that first step in the right direction can be difficult. This first step could be having a conversation with someone who can help, or knowing what to ask for, or being able to talk about yourself and what makes you unique.

What UMi Psychology aims to do is to help with this first step by uncovering individual uniqueness to help someone to find the direction in which they wish to go.

Take a look at the sample psychometric report we have put together in the 'Tools' section of this site. Details of the further services we offer will be added to the site as we go on. Also look at the ‘Resources’ page which gives some insights into the research in this area and some really useful links to other sources of information and guidance. And please email us if you have any questions about how we can provide help.

Thank you for your time

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